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Going it Alone vs. Getting Help

If you have ever questioned what the value of financial advice is? Or if seeing a financial advisor would be relevant, this article will help you decide.

In 2008 Rice Warner Actuaries published a report regarding the value of financial advice. Their results were both enlightening and valuable.

According to the Research Report, the most value clients identified gaining knowledge gained from included budgeting, education, goal setting, maximising government assistance, compounding returns, cash flow management, life insurance and taxation.

The Report also highlighted key areas of high value to individuals including:

Minimising or avoiding costs in the future via predetermined cash and debt management strategies.

Improved certainty and quality of life through insurance, home ownership acquisition, and access to relevant government assistance support and incentives.

Greater life opportunity via focused business cash flow management, returning to work plans, and acquisition of lifestyle assets.

Article information and Table 3. were obtained from the Financial Planning Association's (FPA's) Value of Advice Report, February 2008.

Read the full Financial Planning Association's Value of Advice Research Report.

Financial Planning Association's has the following Good Advice Case Study Example:



SMARTadvice will help you to:

avoid the propensity to buy high and sell low;

avoid the dangers of product focused financial advice;

fully invest all of your assets,time and energy and savings aligned to your goals and values;

quit wasting money and time on activities with little benefits;

identify your unique values and financial goals;

have meaningful conversations about money;

simplify your financial life;

stop losing money!

You Gain:

you-gain Confidence


Peace of Mind/Less worries

More Time


Save/More Money (cost, decisions, opportunities)


Higher quality of life

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