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Top Saving Tips to Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Jun 4

Savings Tips to Achieve Your Financial Goals Sooner
Savings Tips to Achieve Your Financial Goals Sooner

My Deal Article 12th December 2017

If saving more, getting out of debt or simply having a simple financial plan you can stick with is important to you.

Then this article is for you. Savings tips to achieve your goals

Julie Hammond interviewed Peter Horsfield of SMART Advice with some three great tips for your year ahead in 2018.


Here comes the New Year and yet another opportunity to keep that save more money resolution you’ve made over and over again. This year you can put yourself on the right track with the advice of a few financial experts.

Peter Horsfield is a Certified Financial Planner who runs SMART Advice. He has spent most of his life dealing with money and recommends these 3 tips for your new year:

1. Give yourself the greatest chance of success, by reflecting on "What is important about money to you?" then ask "Why?" (your answer) is important to you? Continue this Q&A just like peeling an onion and you will gain more clarity about your real drivers/ core values. Doing so you can will help you create an inspiring financial game plan tailored to you.

2. No more excuses. Do the work. An inch of movement is better than miles of intention.

3. Seek habits and experiences that you receive a direct benefit from and improve your quality of life eg exercise, writing, community service. Feeling better about yourself moves you forward in a variety of ways and advances your opportunities.”

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