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Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch.

Heads up: I love to travel and go off grid. I’m also a semi-retired man with no PR, editing or support staff. So, if I don’t respond to you in a timely manner, please understand that I may be out hiking, biking, skiing, travelling and more, rather than being glued to a computer screen replying to emails.

Personal and General Advice: I am a retired certified financial planner sharing my own personal discoveries, insights, and strategies of my own journey to attaining financial freedom. If you’re looking for advice on your own specific financial situation, please understand the information I share on this site is general in nature and not personal advice. If you have any personal and specific financial situation questions, I recommend you contact a practicing financial advisor and discuss them with them.

Interviews, Speaker Events and Contributions: My goal and passion via this blog and my book is to reach and help as many people as possible live more authentically, confidently and happier. Therefore, I make it a point of accepting interviews, speaking events and invitations.  

Marketing, Affiliate sites and Other Stuff: this site doesn’t run on any paid affiliate marketing, paid comments for product or the recommendation of financial products.



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