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How to turn your 20 days annual leave into 52 days of holidays in 2020 edition

Updated: Jun 4

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As a financial planner for the last 20 years, planning is now well and truly part of my DNA.

And between you and me, once you know the core fundamentals about money planning; working with numbers, projections, legislations and financial product features all day can at times get a bit dry and dull.

So given that today is a Friday, I’m in Cairns and the weekend is just ahead, I thought I’d take a break from the daily grind (while still firmly in my roll of planning) and research the following juicy question.

How to take more time off and still be paid for it?

What I discovered is that with a bit of planning, getting your holiday requests in early (before other staff) and a flexible boss. You can easily extend your 20 days annual leave all the way out to 52 days a year, or a 260% increase in leisure time.

The following maximising you leave and holidays is based on for Queensland Australia public holidays. If you are in another state please check your relevant state holidays there as they may differ slightly i.e. different Labour Day, Queens Birthday, Show Day dates.

Note. For completeness calculations begin from 1st Jan 2020 which is a Tuesday however if you drew on annual leave on the 31st December the first holiday would extend an additional 3 days for a total of 9 instead of 6.

Additional note. If you also took Friday the 27th December off (leave without pay) this could extend the Christmas break length of holidays from 6 days to 9 days (inclusive of weekends, two days annual leave and a day leave without pay).

So let’s begin! 


Tuesday 1st January is Public Holiday (New Year Day)

Wednesday 2nd January. Annual Leave

Thursday 3rd January. Annual Leave

Friday 4th January. Annual Leave

Saturday 5th January. Weekend

Sunday 6th January. Weekend

1st Break total 6 days. Drawing down 3 days annual leave.

Saturday 26th January. Weekend

Sunday 27th January. Weekend

Monday 28th January. Public Holiday (Australia Day)

2nd Break. Total 3 days. Drawing down 0 days annual leave.


Saturday 13th April. Weekend

Sunday 14th April. Weekend

Monday 15th April. Annual Leave

Tuesday 16th April. Annual Leave

Wednesday 17th April. Annual Leave

Thursday 18th April. Annual Leave

Friday 19th April. Public Holiday (Good Friday)

Saturday 20th April. Weekend

Sunday 21st April. Weekend

Monday 22nd April, Public Holiday (Easter Monday)

Tuesday 23rd April. Annual Leave

Wednesday 24th April. Annual Leave

Thursday 25th April. Public Holiday. (ANZAC Day)

Friday 26th April. Annual Leave

Saturday 27th April. Weekend

Sunday 28th April. Weekend

3rd Break. Total 16 days. Drawing down 7 days annual leave.


Saturday 4th May. Weekend

Sunday 5th May. Weekend

Monday 6th May. Public Holiday (Labour Day)

Tuesday 7th May. Annual Leave

Wednesday 8th May. Annual Leave

Thursday 9th May. Annual Leave

Friday 10th May. Annual Leave

Saturday 20th April. Weekend

Sunday 21st April. Weekend

4th Break. Total 9 days. Drawing down 4 days annual leave.


Saturday 10th August. Weekend

Sunday 11th August. Weekend

Monday 12th August. Annual Leave

Tuesday 13th August. Annual Leave

Wednesday 14th August. Public Holiday (Queensland Royal Show day)

Thursday 15th August. Annual Leave

Friday 16th August. Annual Leave

Saturday 17th August. Weekend

Sunday 22nd August. Weekend

5th Break. Total 9 days. Drawing down 4 days annual leave.


Saturday 6th October. Weekend

Sunday 7th October. Weekend

Monday 8th October. Public Holiday (Queens Birthday)

6th Break. Total 3 days. Drawing down 0 days annual leave.


Saturday 21st December. Weekend

Sunday 22rd December. Weekend

Monday 23rd December. Annual Leave

Tuesday 24th December. Annual Leave

Wednesday 25th December. Public Holiday (Christmas Day)

Thursday 26th December. Public Holiday (Boxing Day)

7th Break. Total 6 days. Drawing down 2 days annual leave.

Total leave taken 20 days. Total holiday length (including weekends) 52 days.

The only things you have to decide now is what you’re going to do now with your extra holiday time.

This post was written by Me, as such they are my personal views and not financial or general advice.

You should always seek independent financial advice when it comes to choices about your personal finances. This is one area of your life where it’s worth paying for it to be done right.

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