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Are you a Fearessional? Overcoming your fears and doubts.

Updated: Jun 4

I believe I can fly 🎶

Here’s an interesting thought. “Thoughts are things” and our thoughts directly impact our lives.

They are the building blocks of our focus, feelings, validation and self-esteem.

So there is some truth in the saying “Choose one’s attitude and you choose one’s life”, however what if our attitude is one of worry & fear?

Overcoming your fears and doubts.

Studies have found about 86% of us classify ourselves as worriers. Maybe a better career choice would be to become a Fearessional (a person who fears professionally).On average people are worrying approximately 2hrs a day.

Paradoxically we are living in a time when we have better health, environment, communication, transparency, greater safety, financial security and less wars.


How do you deal with your worries and fears?

  • Food

  • Escapism

  • Shopping

  • Drugs

  • Gossip

  • Money

  • Busyness

For many the above list is the purpose of life. For others and my prior self-belief, this list is how we tolerate the worry and fears we each face daily in our lives; helping, hurting and holding us back from our own peace, happiness and joy.

Here are some other interesting findings about worries and fears

Back to thoughts and things.

One of my realisations after moving to Cairns from Sydney is that I didn’t have to live in Sydney full time to access the benefits Sydney, or the benefits any big city had to offer.

When I wanted to visit I did and when I didn’t, well I didn’t and since making this move my happiness and quality of life has significantly improved.

The truth is we all have a choice and while all choices come with consequences, they also come with benefits i.e. the reason we follow through with our choices. However we don’t need to be immersed 24/7 in news and information to stay informed.

The following is how choose each day to break my worry and fear cycle, and put down that cookie…

  1. Turn phone off when arrive home and don’t turn it back on until I arrive back at the office.

  2. Reflect, meditate, and quiet time each morning.

  3. Some form of exercise daily. i.e. swim, run, cycle, gym.

  4. Actually add value to others every day.

  5. Acknowledge my fears and worries and schedule a time to address them for 1hr on a Friday each weeks.

Since choosing to embrace these daily habits my life has expanded. Decluttering the noise and distractions has lifted my spirits and increased my gratitude. My health has improved, as has my relationships, finances, client satisfaction and conversations with people. I have more confidence in my choices and I have more time for the things important to me.

Peace of mind is a choice. It requires commitment, guts and courage.

So while it’s not easy to say no it is immensely freeing, remember when you do start to worry there is a 85% chance what you are worrying about will never happen.

This post was written by Me, as such they are my personal views and not financial or general advice.

You should always seek independent financial advice when it comes to choices about your personal finances. This is one area of your life where it’s worth paying for it to be done right.

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