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Slip Sliding Away, Not!

Updated: Jun 4

Beer o'clock Boraquay
Beer 🍺O'clock⏱️in Boracay 🏝️ Philippines

What a whirlwind of a month March was! Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and yesterday I returned to Australia on my birthday🎂🥳. 

Slip sliding away? Not!

Whoever said ‘you’ll be busier in retirement, than when you were working’ was not kidding. 

Skiing⛷️, parasailing🪂,mountain biking🚲,snorkelling🤿, massages💆, sunset drinks🍹, dinners🥘, and disco’s🕺is exhausting.

Fire Run Night skiing Maiko Snow Resort
Fire🔥 Night Skiing⛷️Maiko Snow Resort🏔️ Japan🎌

Street food Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Malaysian Street Food🥘 is the Best 🤪

Helmet Diving Philippines
Helmet Diving🤿 Boracay 🏝️ Philippines

Boraquay life
Post Massage💆Relaxing ☺️

So busy in fact that for the month of March I’ve not written a single word for my book📖, I've stopped learning Japanese🈴 I've not touched my website🛜nor done much else.... other than well ….. keeping busy😉 

Listing Day Alpha IVF in Malaysia
IPO of Alpha IVF Business

Then again that’s the beauty of financial independence. The hedonistic opportunity to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want for as long as you still want or can👴👵. 

Then again too much of anything undermines our desires and motivation putting us on a path and downward spiral of excessive escapism. 

So as Aristotle’s ‘Golden Mean’ theories and affirms; the golden path of life is one of neither lack or excess but one of balance ⚖️

The other great universal truth and equaliser of life is that we all have the same amount of time⏱️, that is the24hrs each day to choose how we experience and live our lives (refer above independence) before we can’t☠️ 

For those of us that already have enough but still feel unfulfilled or stuck, you already know what you need to do💪 

And to those of us who are not ready yet to dive into the unknown and let go of all you’ve invested too know, it’s ok, I get it. 

Even after achieving financial independence, it took me another 5 years before I was emotionally and mentally ready to step off the hamster wheel 🐹🛞

What I can tell you from the other side, is you don’t need to already have all the answers. Trust yourself and remember,  you were born a winner🏆 

Yes YOU! You are that winning sperm, the one that won the race,  that became a life, and that became you, so you could experience all this amazing world and life it has to offer🌍✈️🎉❤️✌️ 

Fireworks Maiko Snow Resort
Last Night of Season at Maiko Snow Resort Japan 🎆🤩

April Goals

  • Finish website conversion (old to new site). Goal carried over from February and March goal 😫 

  • Progress book (minimum 2 chapters) Goal carried over from February and March goal 😫😫

  • Improve Japanese (written & spoken minimum 30 new words) 😫

  • Improve stretching (to touch toes with legs straightened), I'm back to being 10cm away 😫

What am I reading/watching/listening?

  • Six Figures While You Sleep: How to turn your services and skills into high-profit, low-effort digital products. By Kate Toon

  • Watching? No plans yet as I haven't watched any news, movies etc for the last month,

  • Japanese Disco, Funk & Soul 1972-1987. Spotify Play List. Again!!! because its good for my practicing Japanese and well I'm an old school 80's dag 😆 

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