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Kick More Goals with Business Coaching

Updated: Jun 4

Business Coaching
Business Coaching

1st December Banjo Loans Blog

At Banjo, we appreciate that the right business coach can add real value to your business, acting as a mentor and helping to develop new revenue lines, drive profitability and introduce better business processes. But it’s important to work with a coach who has demonstrable ability assisting previous clients to grow their business to ensure you get the biggest benefit possible.

We interview Peter Horsfield, a financial planner with SMART Advice who has used a coach as a business consultant to help improve his enterprise.


 “During my youth I had a swimming coach and through commitment, following instructions and building momentum I improved. Over time I rose above my competitors and in doing so felt more empowered and successful, evidenced by my results,” says Horsfield.

“Every great athlete has a coach and if you want to be the best in your field you need a business coach. In my youth I liked to swim. In my career I like to help people reach their goals and coaching helps me achieve that,” he adds.

Accountability makes good business sense 

Horsfield says having a business coach ensures his clients gets the highest return possible from his advice. “Clients and my business coach hold me accountable to delivering value.”

When it comes to choosing the right coach he says the first step is to find the best coach relevant to your needs and budget. “Then, do some research into their style. Find out about fees, results, testimonials, their processes and the support they will provide. Many will offer a free first meeting. Take this opportunity to find out more and see if there is a personal fit between you and the coach,” he says.

Then, identify and document what’s important to you, your business’s current position, your personal goals and the milestones you wish to achieve. The coach will help you tailor activities you can control and be held accountable for to help build your business.

“I flew to the US quarterly for two years for intense five-day coaching events with other advisers. I was held accountable with calls every two weeks reviewing activities and my benchmarks,” Horsfield explains.

Tangible results 

In terms of results, he says he now has more meaningful relationships, not just with his clients but with everyone who is important to him. “I have learnt to focus on what I can control and let go of what I can’t.”

In addition, his bottom line has increased by more than 200 per cent since he started coaching, while working fewer hours and achieving greater flexibility thanks to embracing technology.

“I have been able to better focus my time and energy to do more of the things I receive a direct benefit from, including more time to exercise and more time spent on my relationships. This is one of the biggest benefits in having a business coach because I have learnt how to delegate, which has freed up my time.

Every great athlete has a coach and if you want to be the best in your field hiring a business coach makes perfect sense,” he adds.

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