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Manage your business cashflow

Updated: Jun 4

Manage your cashflow
Manage your cashflow

Vet Practice Magazine 10th July 2015

Blake Dennis Editor of Vet Practice Magazine talks with Certified Financial Planner and founder of SMARTadvice Peter Horsfield about why cashflow is just as important to business as it is our personal lives. More importantly he discusses "red flags" to watch out for, and why its so important to manage your business cashflow ensuring you keep on track and businesses doesn't go bad overnight.


There are always warning signs. So, what to do if you are seeing red flags every way you turn?

Manage your business CashFlow

Less than three months of readily available cash?

“Maintaining a buffer of cash [emergency funds] is most important,” says Smart Advice financial planner Peter Horsfield. “If you are financially stressed, this will most likely affect how you react to others, your decision making process, personal health and your wellbeing. Knowing you have at least three months of cash reserves to cover your personal/business expenses allows you to ride out the ebb and flow of business seasons.”

Not paying yourself a salary

“If you’re not paying yourself a salary then you need to seriously ask yourself what immediate actions need to be initiated,” Horsfield suggests. “Managing income and expenses is the life blood of business.

However, as the owner, you are taking on all the risk. It is essential you pay yourself first. If this means you have to relocate to a smaller and lower cost premises, this should be considered. Keeping your business expense and income ratios well balanced also adds to the resale value of your business.”

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