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A Financial Adviser’s Guide To Investing Your Cash

Updated: Jun 4

Cash is King
Is cash still the King? Or is the King dead?

GQ Magazine Finance 29th November 2016

We interview certified Financial Planner Peter Horsfield for his opinion about the best place to stash your cash. 

We are told, “cash is King,” but with current interest rates at historical lows, and some countries like Japan and Switzerland having negative interest rates, is the King dead?


While these low interest rates are great for borrowers, investors in cash are experiencing continuing declines in their investment returns, at the same time as seeing other asset classes such as property, shares and bonds, rise. So where is the best place to invest your hard-earned cash while waiting for interest rates to rise?

We asked Peter Horsfield, a Platinum Adviser on Adviser Ratings and Senior Financial Planner at Infocus, to give us the basics.

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