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Financial Independence Retire Early. What Lights You're FIRE?

Updated: Jun 4

Financial Independence Retire Early FIRE
Financial Independence Retire Early FIRE

SMH Money- Family Finance 23rd February 2018

Want to know more about FIRE, Financial Independence Retire Early and how to avoid getting burnt? 

Sylvia Pennington interviewed Peter Horsfield about the F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement to find out more.


The risk of borrowing for those trying to achieve Financial Independence Retire Early

Earning sufficient income from assets to cover your expenses is a worthy aim but those who try to get there too fast via aggressive gearing may come a cropper, should circumstances change unexpectedly, financial adviser Peter Horsfield warns.

“It’s great when the markets go up but markets don’t go up in a straight line and the bottom line comes down to cash flow,” Horsfield says.

“Your tenant walks out, they change the regulations and you can’t get the tax deductions you’re expecting, markets don’t go up…you’re throwing good money after bad.”

Young people on modest incomes who borrow for multiple properties are at particular risk, Horsfield believes.

“They may be playing with fire,” he says. “All they’re seeing is rising markets and using debt to leverage that.”

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