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How to overcome share market anxiety

Updated: Jun 4

Are you a nervous investor?

The Age: Money Section 2nd July 2015

Fairfax Money reporter David Wilson interviews Certified Financial Planner Peter Horsfield on how we can overcome share market anxiety.

With new buzz words like momentum trading, neuro-investing, behavioural based, contrarian and many more its easy to be confused not know what to do.

What's the best approach to investing?


Peter Horsfield Founder of SMART advice says neuro-investing is an industry buzzword and that the practice has limits. "I think it is just one of the approaches that forms a total comprehensive approach helping clients achieve their goals. I.e.. it's more a philosophy than a silver bullet solution," Horsfield, who is otherwise enthusiastic, says.

In his view, neuro-investing delivers a more effective and tailored outcome than just scanning analytical data: it teaches us to overcome our animal instincts – our herd mentality, deterring us from buying high and selling low.

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