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Moving out for the first time?

Updated: Jun 4

Pack your bags
Pack your bags

SMH Money 15th September 2015

The sixth in the SMH Basic Training Series Larissa Ham interviews Peter Horsfield Certified Financial Planner and Founder of SMARTadvice on some basic tips and advice for anyone starting to manage their own financial future. 

Never fear, we're here with a few tips on staying in the black.


To avoid last-minute panics on rent day, or when bills arrive, get organised early.

Adding up all your likely expenses, including other costs such as car registration, then dividing them by 52, is one way to figure out how much you'll need to set aside each week.

For those moving out for the first time, Peter Horsfield recommends establishing an account with a buffer amount, then topping it up weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your salary.

 "From this operating account establish a direct debit to pay your regular bills," he says.

 "Doing this automation frees up your time, reduces your stress and can help you keep focused on other more important areas of your life."

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