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Regional House Prices Australia. Coastal flight

Updated: Jun 4

Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

The New Daily -9th May Regional House Prices Australia.


Cait Kelly, reporter for THENEWDAILY interviewed Peter Horsfield about city professionals and business owners making the move to regional cities of Australia.

Regional House Prices Australia.

Four years ago Peter Horsfield and his wife migrated up the east coast – to near the top – of Australia.

The pair had been proud Sydneysiders for years until the traffic jams and daily bustle started to taint their love for the city.

“I looked overseas, I looked at moving to the Gold Coast, but Cairns just came up,” the financial planner told The New Daily.

“I basically did an analysis of how you can have a balance between generating income, servicing customers and having a higher quality of life, and Cairns just ticked those boxes.”

“Everything is ‘Hey wow’. People are lovely, you can talk with your neighbours, you don’t have to worry about traffic, cost of living is great, there are so many outdoors activities, and you can keep yourself engaged.”

The couple is just one example of the great middle-aged migration happening across the country.

But as thousands of Australians leave capital cities for greener pastures, they’re also pushing up house prices in some regional centres.

As of December 2018, only three capital cities across the country featured among centres with the 10 most expensive median house prices, with Sydney losing the top spot to Byron Bay, new research from Propertyology shows.


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