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The true cost of having a vehicle off the road

Updated: Jun 4

Me with my AC Cobra
Me with my AC Cobra

Blue Drop - 28th June 2019

Mark McKenna reporter and writer for BlueDerop asked Peter Horsfield to contribute to his article about Fleet Vehicle down time and the cost of having a vehicle off the road costs.

While this was a really surprising request for a contribution, Peter was happy to oblige, since knowing from personal experience the benefits of proactive maintaining ones assets not only saves money, and increase the value of a classic asset, it also ensures ones quality of life is maintained, with as little disruption as possible. Previously owned a classic 1965 AC Cobra (picture insert).

Peter Horsfield, the Founder of Smart Advice, states that "putting off or prolonging important maintenance such as servicing can actually really impact your workforce. This can be from their comfort, for example insufficient air condition through the summer months, to potentially catastrophic consequences due to lax maintenance or inadequate insurance."

To read the full article click on the following link:


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