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Top Tips to Surviving a Recession

Updated: Jun 4

Cairns Post: Focus on the path ahead
Cairns Post: Focus on the path ahead

5th September 2020 Cairns Post

Times are very tough in many industries and financial adviser Peter Horsfield says keeping a positive mindset can help plot a path through Covid-19 related uncertainty, writes Jack Lawrie.

With a recession looming and the finance industry at a turning point, a Cairns industry veteran has said he wont quit when the chips are down.

He has some Top Tips to Surviving a Recession

Infocus Money Management Senior Advisor Peter Horsfield said 'everyone was doing it tough in the current economic crisis and financial planners were running out the door.

"I regularly hear stories of advisers who have taken their own lives, lost their homes, their livelihoods and families. At the same time of their career many others would consider thinking of retirement rather than going back to university or a change of career".

"We have made the conscious decision to focus and do the activities that are within our control and let go of everything outside of our control."

"Doing so we are actually experiencing business growth, deeper relationships with our clients and our overall health and well being has improved.

Read the full article and top tips to surviving a recession

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