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What else can I do to save money?

Updated: Jun 4

Peter Horsfield Professional
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Uno. The online mortgage broker - 10th Oct 2018

Jessica Uhlmann from Uno. The online mortgage broker interviews Peter Horsfield of SMARTadvce about how speaking with your financial planner can help you achieve your financial goals and save money for your home ownership or home deposit sooner.

As a financial planner, Horsfield’s job is not to recommend financial products but to help his clients stay on track as they work towards those goals.

“Because every decision we make has a cost and we need to be mindful of the impact of that cost,” he says.

“It’s having that coach that will hold your hand and at the same time inspire you to keep on track till your goal is a reality.”

Horsfield says a good advisor will be across a client’s life changes, career changes and economic changes.

“To increase a client’s chances of success they’ll know where you are on your journey, regularly manage your activities in a way that is going to get the best outcome and keep you motivated to achieve your goals sooner,” he says.

“It’s the accountability that gets you across the line, not just the skillset.”

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