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Try Out New Ways To Save Money. Where to find more savings

Updated: Jun 4

Journal Your Spending
Journal Your Journey and Spending

1st August 2017 Lifestyle & Budgeting.

Monisha Iswaran interviews Peter Horsfield of SMARTadvice for his thoughts and tips on we can all save money, simply by being a little smarter with what we doing day to day.

From no fee banking accounts, how far to book out travel and much more. Peter reveals where to find and save thousands of dollars annually without having to cut back your lifestyle.


Here are just a couple of tips on how you can save money, contributed by Peter Horsfield, that you should try out if you’re looking to save a substantial amount of money over time:

  • Instead of buying books join a library. Libraries today have way more than books; they have DVDs, newspapers, free internet, books of course. Free. Savings estimated $250 pa+·

  • Make lunch with from previous dinner and bring to work. Savings estimated $2,500 pa+·

  • If you live close enough to walk/run/ride to work or public transport, only use the car on weekends or alternatively car share. Savings estimated $1,000 pa+·

  • Ensure bank accounts, credit cards have no annual fees or ATM withdrawal fees, only withdraw from Banks ATM or affiliates so not to attract transaction fees. Savings estimated $250 pa+

To find out more about being smart when saving read the full article at

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