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Why I'm not quitting financial planning

Updated: Jun 4

10th March 2020 Financial Standard
When I was planning to stay around

10th March 2020 Financial Standard

Why I'm not quitting financial planning

Let's not sugar coat the facts.

Now is a very difficult time for the financial planning industry.

I regularly hear stories of advisers who have taken their own lives, lost their homes, their livelihood's and families; at the same time of their career many others would consider thinking of retirement rather than going back to university or a change of career.

Indeed the industry is at a turning point.

The question we all need to be asking ourselves is, "What do we all (consumers, regulators, suppliers, financial product manufacturers and advisers), want from our financial service providers and how much are we prepared to pay for it?"

So call me a sadomasochist, crazy or simply plain arse dumb for choosing this path however I believe the outcome will result in something better for us all as the financial planning community and industry transitions into a profession.

So as for me, I'm not quitting. In fact I'm very excited and looking forward to sticking around. So without further ado the following are my top ten reasons I'm sticking around as a financial planner for the long term.

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